Shoes are good food

Shoes Remember the other day I wrote a lamenting post regarding Target’s inability to stock some cute wedge slingback peeptoes in my size?

No, well I did.  As you can see, I got them!  Through no effort on my part, Jen in NH (who totally rocks) spied these elusive numbers in her local Target travels and hooked me up!  Isn’t that the best thing ever?  Here I’d given up hope of owning these in the small window of their fashionability and voila!  Hook up.  It must be some good karma finally making it round the circle.  Finally.  Thanks Jen!

Need further evidence that knitters are the best and brightest and rockinest folks out there?  Check out my sister’s MS Ride Fundraising final totalShe raised $40,190!!  Holy crap.  That’s an amazing amount coming from 1,145 different donors.  I told you so on the knitters rock thing.  Oh, yeah, and my sister rocks too!  Good job.


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  1. Good job on the shoes. I hope the having gives more pleasure than the wanting.
    Besides the $40K+, I’d think the average donation for Claudia’s ide was higher than the overall average for the event.

  2. Silvia – glad you like them (as I practically live at Target finding them was no problem).
    Yay for knitters representing on the charity front $40K – wow

  3. I’m glad you got ahold of a pair of the shoes you were looking for. Are they comfortable at all? I remember looking at them online after your initial post and many of the reviewers said, “ouch!” They’re so cute though, so I hope they work out for you!

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