Not So Rusted Root

Rustedone Turns out when I abandoned my Rusted Root in progress last fall (yeah you read right) I was only about three days from it’s completion.

Who’s a dork?

In the interests of full disclosure, the ends aren’t completely woven in and it’s not been wetblocked, but I had to show you something!

This is an easy little sweater to knit and I knit it in the very nice Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (I used about 2.5 skeins) that is a hearty little yarn at a very nice little price.  I wanted to make a top that fits like a tee, not a looser sweater thing because I’m a whore like that, and opted to make the size small.  It’s form fitting, though I suspect the cotton yarn with stretch with wear.

Modifications were also done, of course.  I made the top longer so my beer belly won’t peep out when worn with low rise pants and I added hip shaping, which was curiously not included in this pattern.  I also added a few rounds to the sleeves as the original length hit me in a weird uncomfortable armpit crease area.  Ew.  Also, as you can see from the inset, I got little to no sleeve pouf, so good luck with that if you’re making this.

I changed the neck finish to a rolled edge because the ribbing looked like ass and would never lay flat because of the shape of the neckline and the lack of decreases in the ribbing as written in the pattern.  If you’re making this top and wanting the neck ribbing I would strenuously advise you to plan for decreases to make it lie flat.

All in all, this is an easy summer or travel project.  If I’d change anything about this pattern it would be to change the ribbing to 2×2 and use tubular cast off so the inelastic cotton yarn bind offs wouldn’t look so icky.  But I’m way too lazy to pull all those rows out and redo, so I’m gonna live with it.


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  1. I see no icky bind-offs and no beer belly.
    The top looks great with that neckline roll and I’m afraid I prefer no pouf in the sleeve.
    So thumbs up all around!
    Now enough about you, I’m thinking of using that yarn for the IK Cable-Down Raglan (even that color, or close to it). How does the weight of it feel for a t-shirty garment like Rusted Root in NoCal?

  2. Beer belly? o.O
    Don’t make me come over there, young lady!
    You did a great job making that pattern work for you, Sil. It’s fab!
    How is the fabric for our summer weather? I’m thinking I might want some for me, but it’s going to be oven hot here soon.

  3. That is so cute on you. I want to make the exact same thing. Like, I think I have the same color of Cotton Fleece in the stash. And I’m going to use your mods. You don’t mind, right? 🙂

  4. Beer belly? Beer Belly??
    Dude. Don’t make our next meeting the one where I have to smack you for actually saying that.

  5. Funny, I also got no pouf. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised, because I didn’t think I could pull off too much pouf-y goodness. I also didn’t do the ribbing around the neck, primarily because I knit the size S and was afraid it would ride up around my ears. Yours, again, is splendid.

  6. I really like how your RR turned out.:D
    The added length with your slender build is very attraction. Why show the goods when you don’t have to. *L*
    The color looks fab with your hair too.

  7. Gotcha. Looks really good, actually. I like the roll on the collar. Seems like it’s too short a collar to really do enough increases across that expanse to accomplish the lie flat thing.

  8. I had trouble with the sleeves – mine just look large – not poofy (pics on my blog). I would do more decreases on the arm next time I think to make it poofier – or go with a smaller size arm and same size body…not sure.
    Your’s looks great

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