Red White and Teal

Tealfun_2 A year ago I picked out pretty teal yarn for my Rusted Root.  It’s a gorgeous, rich color and not to be immodest, looks hot with my red hair and blue eyeballs.  Anywho, little did I know it would usher in a flood of teal in my life.  Yup, bridesmaid time!

One of the nicest girls I know is gettin’ hitched (wedding’s in the south so I can totally talk like that y’all) and I’m honored to maid for her.  (FYI – I AM a semi-professional bridesmaid). Teal dress is the order of the day.  It needs a bit of hemming and since I have to work (well GO to work – it’s a subtle difference) Thursday and Friday, I thought I’d do the hemming at work and use our sample makers’ industrial machines.  My home Bernina is currently engaged in working on a cute cotton frock and I’m lazy enough to drive the dress to work rather than change the thread out on my machine.

So instead of posting a meme, or posting dull knitting progress on Loksins, I’ll post a rotten picture of the dress.  I left it in plastic for the pix as the wedding hasn’t yet happened and I don’t want a full reveal to take the specialness away…please note the feathers.  It’s actually not a bad dress, just a bit much.  And yes, I totally rock the dress.  Imagine me in it with my big old Georgia updo!  Plus my friend is so wonderful, I’d walk nekkid down the aisle holding her train.  I would.  Hush.  And yes, I mocked the feathers to the bride’s face and she agreed they were a bit over the top – but what the hell!  Exactly.

Back to knittin’ tomarra’ since I’m fixin’ to be done with those pretty little Loksins…dude.

P.S.  Don’t even get me started on the floral number my sister made me wear in her wedding (it matched the wallpaper)…brides is crazy folk.