Socks to the rescue

Loksins1 Today I’d hoped to show you a completed dress I’m sewing from pretty aubergine striped fabric.  It’s a shirtwaist dress with a tailored collar and bottom ruffle.  I’ve been very slowly sewing it and completed the sewing yesterday.  I sat down and began cutting open the buttonholes and, let’s all sit down, sliced through the buttonhole right at the bosom.  Sliced clean through and out the side.  Hysterics ensued.  Enough said.

The dress had a time out for the rest of the day and I decided to finish my second Loksin.  I mean, socks never hurt anyone.  Unlike some evil buttonhole/seam ripper conspiracy.  Deep breath.  I finished up my sock despite the blazing temperatures we’re having, and WORE them for about an hour until I came close to having the very rare footsie heat stroke.  Then back into my Reefs.

Loksins are awesome and you all need to make them.  That’s my pattern review.  You can purchase the Loksins pattern here and I used about 1.5 balls of Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra in color "Heath" which is pea green to my eye, to make socks for my size 6 tootsies.

The dress will have to have some surgery and unpicking done.  I’m not mad at it today (well not too mad), so maybe you’ll see it among the living soon.  Damn seam ripper from hell – that I am mad at.


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  1. Well, it’s a succinct pattern review! The socks turned out lovely, and just in time for the warm weather!
    Sorry about the seam ripper. Have you heard about the tip to use a pin across the end of the buttonhole to stop the seam ripper doing what it just did?

  2. Do I remember my sewing days…that seam ripper mishap is all too common. If you’re going to sew often you may want to purchase buttonhole scissors…we’ll worth the expense…imho.
    Your Loksins! are fabulous…lovely green, too. I admire your ability to wear them at all in this heat.

  3. Nice Loksins!! Brave wearing of the green, on high temperature days. I model quickly, whip them off, and put them in the sock drawer. This is barefoot weather here in the Northeast.

  4. Ahh… you finished! However, wearing them? In the heat? totally and completely over the top.
    And no, I’m not giving you the orange handspun as a prize for finishing your socks. 😉

  5. Beautiful socks! I cannot believe you wore them for an hour. It’s too hot for shoes. Forget socks.
    Seam rippers are evil and we all know about buttonholes. After a suitable time-out, show them who’s boss! How dare they try to keep you down!

  6. Sucks about the buttonhole. Do a google search for “buttonhole cutter”. There are a variety of them, the one I like is basically a razor sharp blade on the end of a small handle and it usually will come with some sort of block to put between the surface of your table and the razor. No sawing through the buttonhole with a seam ripper, which as you have discovered is a sure road to disaster. I don’t know if this link will work, but it is a photo of one: or this one:
    Great socks!

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