Dressing Up

Dresscollage When the weather turns warm, I pick up the sewing pace.  It’s a snail’s pace, but it’s there.

At left you see the newest dress in the Sil wardrobe (all shots of me wearing it looked like ass).  The top picture is the slashed buttonhole from last week’s seam ripper slaughter.  I ended up having my mommy fix it.  Thanks Mom!  I think she used a combo of tiny hand stitches and fusible webbing for her buttonhole surgery.  It’s a pretty darn unnoticeable repair.

If I had to make this again I’d change the sleeves.  They’re a bit poufier on me than in the magazine picture.  I’ve already redone them twice so they’re staying as is.

This was kind of a hard dress to sew up.  The collar has a stand and that gave me fits and there was alot of tailoring and top stitching.  Not a pattern for the beginning sewer.

Quick specs:

Material: 100% cotton stripe from stash

Pattern:  Model #109 from Burda World of Fashion (you trace off the pattern from an enclosed sheet and add seam allowances)

Next up is an easy skirt project.  Yes, I’m still sewing up stash, no new fabrics…

P.S.  I order my Burda Magazine through Amazon, and this is NOT the same as the Burda sewing patterns you buy in the fabric store.  Same company, different product.