Holey moley

Lace4sil I don’t knit lace.  Don’t know why, just don’t like it.

Why then, did I sign up for Mystery Stole #3?  I’ve got no freaking idea.  I’m almost done with clue #1.  Clue #2 was out last week.  Freaking Clue #3 is out tomorrow and boy do I need to pick up the pace.

If you’re unfamiliar with this Mystery Stole thang, the designer of the pattern releases bits of the pattern in dribs and drabs and this whole huge Yahoo group knits it up as it comes.  We don’t know what it will end up looking like.  Hopefully it won’t look like ass.

I’m using the only lace yarn I’ve got left after selling the rest on Destash.  This is some Cormo laceweight and is naturally dyed (cochineal maybe – lost the label).  I like what I’ve got so far, so maybe I’ll stick with it through clue #2.  Fingers crossed.


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  1. The next clue isn’t till Friday – one more day’s grace! (I’m certainly relying on that! I’m only 5 rows into clue two, my yarn not having arrived till Monday).

  2. See, this is why your fabulous dress is not quite enough to get me at the sewing machine. I’m going to think about a pattern when I get back from vacation.
    I knit the first row of Clue #2 this morning, and I’m really glad that I have until Friday even though I’ll never make it.
    Yours looks beautiful.

  3. Oy! I didn’t even buy yarn yet. In fact the yahoo group emails (even though I was on daily digest) were coming fast and furious and making me feel bad about my lack of effort. So instead of buying some yarn and getting started, I went to special notice only 🙂 Stick with it so I can watch that lovely cormo knit up into the myustery shawl!

  4. Ah, one of them 4,000 plus shawl lovers! Did ya do the bead thang too? That’ll be a pretty nice looking shawl, keep at it. (Sounds like you surprised yourself 🙂

  5. It looks great so far! I love the idea, but I’m waaaay too OCD to knit a mystery anything. 🙂 So I’ll just enjoy living vicariously.

  6. Don’t worry Sil I’m only 1/2 way through Clue 1 so you are ahead of me, but yeah, I’m freaking out that Clue 3 comes out tomorrow! Your MS3 looks good so far! Much better than mine. i am not a lace knitter soon!

  7. Catching up-
    Wouldn’t EVERYONE drive however long it takes to a second sewing machine rather than change the thread out on the first????
    Love the dress and the socks.
    Cannot WAIT to see the bridesmaid pics (and I would pay to see a Claudia & Sil pic from C’s wedding!)
    I know love knitting lace shawls and will be watching yours with great interest.

  8. Yo. I’m impressed. I’d say YOU TOO? but I think more accurately I’m one of the four knitters in blogland not doing it.
    I resolved to finish my LeafLace by Rhinebeck. Ha.

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