Cute Pattern Alert

Ng1_anais_lg While I furiously knit a few more inches on Mystery Stole #3, I shall momentarily distract you by alerting you to a cute pattern I came across.

Apparently Norah Gaughan is designing for Berrocco and has come out with the fascinatingly named Vol. 1Ng1_anais_d_lg_2 The creative team must have been spent after coming up with that title.

Despite the non-name, Vol. 1 is quite interesting.  It’s definitely taste specific, and if you like simple, spare and modern like me, you’ll appreciate the style direction here.  I fell in love with #4 Anais.  It’s a cute little top and I’ve got some cotton/linen Camila in the same gauge.  That may work here.  Plus a cap sleeve top makes more sense to me in cotton blend than in alpaca.

I’ll file this project under "sometime soon"…


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  1. Norah’s been on board at Berrocco for a while now (at least a year) as Margery’s second in command. Maybe she got her hands on some incriminating photos and that’s how she’s finally getting some credit.
    Oh wait, did *I* say that?

  2. I spied that one when the preview came out. Now, can I justify the massive expense of ordering the book from the States for that one pattern?

  3. Yes and no. I’d modify the plain neck edge — the transition looks a bit funky, too. And the sleeves just don’t work — it’s the narrowing of the stockinette about, oh, four inches below the shoulder? And, again, the naked edge of the lower part of the armscye. And what’s with the welt ribbing? I dunno, Sil, I really like the fill in the scoop of the bodice and the overall sweater concept, but why not have a plain welt with a little matching scallop edge and perhaps something similar for a cap sleeve?

  4. I have a love/irritate relationship with Norah. I love the interesting details of her work, but I rarely like the way they fit and spend a lot of time modifying. So I often sound just like Sylvia above.
    That being said, I am making her Ogee Tunic right now with no mods!

  5. Thanks for the heads up. Now if only I were really clever on Ravelery, I would upload this into my projects queue (rather than just working on my Friends list).

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