Shawly schmally

Shawl1 Progress has been made on Mystery Shawl #3.  I’m 3/4 of the way through clue 2.  Yawn.

I’ve never been a lace knitter and this project seemed like a good little toe dip into this genre.  The pattern is free and released in small segments so I won’t get freaked out.  Plus I had some laceweight cormo sitting around doing nothing.

People have told me that lace was easy and of course I could do it.  Yeah, that’s true.  The hardest part is developing a system of keeping track of your place in the chart.  I’ve devised a system of post it notes and bookmarks.  It’s percarious, but works fine.

I think I’m not a lace knitter because I don’t like to HAVE to blindly follow a chart.  I can’t memorize the pattern as it’s very complex.  At this point I can anticipate what’s coming up but I’m lost without the chart.  I like being more self-sufficient.

I also miss the emerging shape of the garment.  That’s the larger problem for me as a person interested in how clothes are constructed.  There’s nothing there to hold my interest.  I shall knit on just to say I tried it, but there will be no amazing lace knitting coming from me.  I guess I’m a zigger and lace is a zagger.