Shawly schmally

Shawl1 Progress has been made on Mystery Shawl #3.  I’m 3/4 of the way through clue 2.  Yawn.

I’ve never been a lace knitter and this project seemed like a good little toe dip into this genre.  The pattern is free and released in small segments so I won’t get freaked out.  Plus I had some laceweight cormo sitting around doing nothing.

People have told me that lace was easy and of course I could do it.  Yeah, that’s true.  The hardest part is developing a system of keeping track of your place in the chart.  I’ve devised a system of post it notes and bookmarks.  It’s percarious, but works fine.

I think I’m not a lace knitter because I don’t like to HAVE to blindly follow a chart.  I can’t memorize the pattern as it’s very complex.  At this point I can anticipate what’s coming up but I’m lost without the chart.  I like being more self-sufficient.

I also miss the emerging shape of the garment.  That’s the larger problem for me as a person interested in how clothes are constructed.  There’s nothing there to hold my interest.  I shall knit on just to say I tried it, but there will be no amazing lace knitting coming from me.  I guess I’m a zigger and lace is a zagger.

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  1. Interesting…
    I think I love knitting lace(or cables and the like) to watch the pattern emerge, and knit clothing just to be worn.
    Yin and yang.

  2. That’s a seriously beautiful zag though. Almost makes me wish I’d signed up. Except for the mere fact of being able to say no to Stephanie is totally worth the money to buy the pattern when it’s published. *grin*

  3. I won’t hold it against you. 🙂 There are shawls out there with rather clever construction, though–although often the clever bits involve novel ways of turning corners….

  4. I really like simple lace, like Birch or Flower Basket. More complex stuff doesn’t thrill me either. Although I do marvel at what Alice does.

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