Tramp stamp?

Stamp I came across an interesting idea the other day on Parikha’s extremely lovely blog.  She’d been inspired by another blogger’s labels over at shim + sons (a beautiful site if you’ve not been there).

The fact the previous two sentences sound like junior high school have just come home to me.

Anywho, the fabulous idea is to have a stamp made of your name or blog de plume and use a fabric ink pad that heat sets and stamp up some garment labels.  Brilliant.  Granted my hurried execution of said idea is less than brilliant, but I spent maybe 30 seconds trying it out before running out the door.

I googled "rubber stamps custom" and just picked one.  They are extremely cheap so I figured this wouldn’t be too far out on the proverbial limb if I got a dud.  I found the ink at the craft store and chose red for obvious reasons.  I may go get black too since black is the new black.  I had some cotton twill tape handy and stamped up a few.

The test was cute enough to continue the experiment with some smooth ribbon or even some bias cut floraly calico.  I suspect the ink will only set on cotton, but have no data to back this up.  Once I get a handle on this label thing I think all my world goods will have new labels in them.  Just like summer camp!


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  1. Hee hee, blog de plume. Someone gave me labels that actually had my name embroidered on it as a gift once, but I like the stamp idea better. The embroidered kind seems to always come in loopy cursive, and I’m just not a loopy cursive kind of gal.

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