Knitting illusionist

Newone I found another super cute pattern book the other day.  As the weather turns warmer, I’m naturally more interested in warm weather knits.  This collection is Debbie Bliss Summer Essentials, and has some very cute ideas that can be formed into items for moi!

I quite liked the simple A-line one button sweater with short sleeves.  It has nice lines and is a flattering silhouette for me.  You could wear it over a tank or little tee when the offshore breezes kick up.

The pattern is written for a smaller gauge of yarn than what I’d wanted to use.  I’m planning on rewriting the pattern for the aran weight gorgeous hand dyed silk that I won in my sister’s MS drawing.  The yarn is Hip Knits aran weight silk in the wonderfully named "Chance" colourway (UK spelling in honour of the lovely donor).  I think I’ve got enough for a cap sleeved cardie, and you know me.  Lack of yardage doesn’t stop me from starting a knit project.