More cute patterns

When knitting progress is slow or boring…it’s time for a pattern roundup!  Yee haw.  Giddyup:

Orangehearttops Fifi from French Girl is adorable – tho I’d make it longer so the beer belly pan au chocolat belly stays hidden…

Orangehearttops_2 Debbie Bliss Summer Essentials "Becky" is a nice interpretation.

Orangehearttops_3Emerald Seas from the latest Knitty has a nice ribbon detail.

Scarf ideas for the upcoming Red Scarf Project:

OrangeheartscarfGwen’s Red Scarf via lovely Norma’s blog.

Orangeheartscarf_2Woolgathering’s Ruffled Scarf free pattern.

Orangeheartscarf_3 Swiss Cheese Scarf from Knitting Escapism (love this one)!


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  1. Becky is sweet. Fifi looks fun to knit, but what do you think about the wide-narrow-narrow-wide of the vertical reverse stockinette bits flanking the diagonal ribbing? Seems to emphasize the boobage area in an odd way. Curious what having all four troughs wide or all four narrow would do to the look. I think wide might make the tummy seem more round while narrow might be more flattering, making the lower part of the bodice more of an empire effect. Ideas? I do think the pattern is worth knitting.

  2. Guess what, I’ve already completed Fifi. (Guess I should get a grip and update my blog….) It does actually accentuate the boobage, but kind of in a good way if you are less-endowed, like myself. Also, I had to had about 2 inches to the lenght, and it STILL seems a bit cropped…..

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