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Silkyyummy_2  I’ve had to put down my Mystery Stole 3 for a little bit as I’ve not got the attention to detail that project requires at present.  Just a little break, mind.

What I picked up is the Hip Knits Aran Weight Silk that I adore.  I’ve decided to make a top down short sleeved A-line sweater like the one in Debbie Bliss Summer Essentials I admired rather much.  My silk yarn is heavier than the one called for in the SE pattern and I’m not confident in my yarn quantity sufficiency.  It seemed easier to do a top down raglan of my own design in the style I wanted rather than rewrite the pattern.  Plus I’ll know if I have enough yarn.  Bonus score.

I’m almost at the level where I separate the sleeves from the body.  I’ve planned this sweater to sit down from the neck and shoulders so an 8" raglan line is my goal (rather than the usual 10" ish).  I’ll pick up and knit the neck band and front button bands and add short sleeves at the end.

This project is a good antidote for the lace project.  I’m using size 6 (US) needles and it flies along.  Plus it’s that portable – easy enough for TV watching and chit chatting – project I like so much.  Plus it’s the color of confetti!


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  1. This yarn is absolutely lovely – but being a looseish single in silk – stretches like a bugger. I have an off-the-shoulder Angelica to show for it (and the armscyes end up about round my waist after half an hour’s wear).
    So keep it tight!

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