Skirt Hunt


I took the opportunity to finish up a skirt I’d cut out weeks ago.  It’s a simple dirndl type skirt with pleats at the waistband.  Why it took an age is beyond reason.

The pattern is McCalls 5390 view B and I made absolutely no modifications to the pattern at all.  For some reason this skirt reminds me of an apron, but trust me the ass is covered.

The fabric is the best part of this.  The Hawaiian print fabric is a really nice heavy cotton that was gifted by the Fluffiest herself.  I didn’t quite have enough to make this pattern so I added some coordinating (if you squint) small scale floral for the borders and belt.

I didn’t like the harsh transition between the skirt and border so I tied it together by adding a pink grosgrain ribbon over the seam.  It tied the pink in the border print to the main skirt and I found the combo more harmonious.  I sewed the ribbon on using my widest twin needle so it was sooooo exceedingly easy.  I can’t believe I’d never thought of that before.  Duh!

I also used the opportunity to add one of my new stamped labels to the skirt!  I’m still working on my stamp technique but I think it looks "rustic".  Well, pretend for me.