Ty1 It pretty much never happens that Interweave has a pattern in it that I want to make RIGHT NOW!  Hurry!!!  But Miss Eunny Jang’s Tangled Yoke Cardigan pattern has wended it’s little way into my consciousness.  I want to make it now!  And out of the lovely Rowan Felted Tweed called for in the pattern.Ty2

Now, I’ve been a resident of greater Los Angeles for one whole day now, but even I know that a wool sweater is NOT a PRACTICAL choice.  I know the temperature has the potential to dip below 60 sometime somewhere somehow, but if it does, it’ll be big news.  What to do…ignore it?  Find a cooler blend to sub or make it as shown and practicality be damned.

Okay, enough of the questions!  Tomorrow’s the first day at a new job, so fingers crossed!


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  1. Oh I’m so with you on this one. Got the yarn at the ready, and even found it on sale so that’s like a total knit me now sign. Then again, I’m the CA girl now living in NY so wool is required here. I don’t have any suggestions off the top of my head for a sub, sorry. Maybe it can be your traveling sweater, you know when you visit those cooler climates.
    May your first day at the new job be pleasant and stress free.

  2. I just had a thought, yeah so I came back to announce it;) Maybe Rowan Calmer would work, I think it’s close in gauge, and it holds cables pretty decent. Something to check out…

  3. All the best for the new job. Have a great first day, and the rest !
    I was going to suggest a tweedy silk. Not sure about Summer Tweed. You need to buy odd balls to, you know, swatch !

  4. You know that LA is the movie and restaurant capital of the US. These 2 attractions prefer to have their inside temperatures at sub-zero degrees, even 0 kelvin. Why not make it for this reason. Besides in La (or so I am lead to believe by E!) everyone dresses to be seen, which is all the more reason to make it. I live in the south where it is HOT 9 months out of the year but I must have this sweater as well.

  5. hi-i am using felted tweed now and have used it for a sweater for the BF. it’s not THAT heavy – he wears his in fall/spring. such a pleasure to knit. i say go for it! the colors are great. perhaps you can wear to rhinebeck!

  6. I want to knit this immediately too, but I forgot to update my address with Interweave when I moved and don’t have the magazine yet.
    I second everyone who said you’ll need it for the a/c. And aren’t people in California always hanging out on the beach at night having bonfires? Or am I watching too much tv?
    Good luck today!

  7. Yupper, loved loved loved this one. Happen to have some Felted Tweek handy, but also a few million projects to finish first.
    Good luck on the first day of new job! I’m sure you’ll be fantastic!

  8. I love that cardigan, too. I second the suggestions for something like Summer Tweed if you want more year-round wear. But I lived just outside of LA for four years in college, and during the “winter” months there were plenty of nights where I needed a sweater. It’s amazing how chilly 65 can feel when your body has acclimated to 90!

  9. I saw the pattern and felt exactly the same way. I’m moving to Brazil, so I’ll be using Jaeger Trinity in the Hibiscus color, which is very close to the color of the called-for yarn. I’ll also be knitting it with elbow-length or cap sleeves. So beautiful. But we knew Eunny’s patterns would be a cut above.

  10. If you use the felted tweed, you can wear it when you hang out in Santa Monica or other coastal areas. It can be downright chilly by out by the ocean!

  11. Totally agree with you about the cardigan! I’ve got a cotton/acrylic mix in my stash that I’ll be using (I tend to run hot, even in the UK’s temperate climate).
    Good luck with the new job!

  12. Welcome to Los Angeles! You’ll be able to wear a thin wool cardigan here in the winter… especially *next* winter, when anything under 70 degrees will feel freezing to you. Plus, as mentioned, movie theatres, beaches, and restaurants all give ample year-round knit-wearing occasions. Also, the longer you live here, the more you will acclimate, and when you go visit relatives who live in colder climates, you will freeze. My family up in the Bay Area might as well live in the Arctic Circle come wintertime. Cooooold.
    I live in LA, and will cast this puppy on the second it hits the newstands. I’m planning on using Silky Wool, though – I think it will be dreamy. I think the Felted Tweed would be fine here, too, in winter. (Ahem, “winter.”) But you’ll probably wear this over just a t-shirt or tank top, so make sure you pick something that will feel great on your skin.

  13. This might be JUST the project my 10 balls of red DK yarn from Stitches are destined for. And yeah, I always need a sweater, especially in warm climes, for the A/C.
    Best of luck with the new job!

  14. Fingers crossed for you on day #1!
    Do the sweater in cotton, for instant gratification. Or figure you could wear it when you visit colder climes, then go visit colder climes. Or assess your likelihood of staying in LA, and knit for when you move. I like the last option least.

  15. Good luck with the new job! That is a very cute cardigan and I don’t blame you for wanting to knit it right away. Perhaps as others have suggested, something like Summer Tweed, Silky Wool, Silky Tweed or other blends may work better for your new climate?

  16. I live in SoCal as well and have no qualms about knitting this in the called for yarn. As someone earlier said, indoor spaces here tend to be pretty chilly. And later in the year, this sweater will be perfect outdoors. I can’t wait to knit this one either! (If only I didn’t have a huge Aran and another project to finish first…)

  17. Hi there! I’ve been in love with this sweater since the preview came out, but I’m looking for a cheaper substitute that will still hold cables well. I look forward to seeing what you choose. I’m thinking about Jaeger Trinity.

  18. Hi Silvia! Hope your new job is treating you well. As for the cardi, what about Rowan Wool Cotton? Exact same gauge, wool content will help cables pop, while cotton will make it not as hot. That’s what I’m planning on using.
    P.S. And thanks again on Burda advice! I got my subscription as a Birthday gift from my daughter.

  19. Go for it–just pick a color for after the sun goes down. LA is an irrigated desert, and like all deserts, the nights get chilly.
    If you’re ever in the Hollywood area, stop by Mashti Malone’s. Rosewater and saffron ice cream!

  20. Hmmm-
    you start a new job and no new posts….well at least you’re being kept busy! (Are you in the same field?)
    1)I’m at the Cape(=dial-up)so I just got caught up
    2)I love the green skirt, but you + fluffa always = a winner
    3)there’s no way you finish the shawl
    4)that sweater is great–it would look great on Claudia–my favorite from that issue; I loved the idea since Eunny blogged a doodle in her blog ages ago–if I actually knit it, it would become a staple for decades. So it would work for us Dartmouth grads, but would it be as good for someone with actual fashion sense? 😉

  21. Rowan felted tweed is a fairly light yarn, it would work for the cooler nights that you may come across in California. It’s a lovely knitting yarn, excellent fabric when done. A caveat, it’s rather brittle so don’t sew up with it.

  22. Wool is good for SoCal, because it’s a good insulator and breathes. Cotton doesn’t work as well, since it gets clammy. It does get cold here–below freezing, even, and with any luck this year we’ll have a winter!

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