Silky Update

Silkyprogress_5 I seem to have started a new job just a hugely busy time.  That means lots of work and very little knitting time.  Eek!

I did manage a few rows on the pretty silk top down raglan so I can at least show y’all a picture of something.  Just play along here folks.  It’s the best I can do.  To refresh your memomories, this yarn is from Hip Knits and is the handpainted Aran Weight Silk in the Chance colorway.

Also, I bought some yarn for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan.  I can’t/won’t tell you what I chose as I’m short on blog fodder.  Stay tuned friends!

Sorry for the lame entry, but I’m tired.  I’ll try harder next time…


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  1. Don’t worrie about the blog; a new job is always tiring, as well in the body than in the mind. And you also have to think about the move, and your new flat….
    Bon courage!

  2. I’m surprised you found tme to knit that much more with all your goings on, it is very pretty. And no mention of your little earthquake that was in the news here – you must be beat!

  3. Really, I think you should neglected the new job to entertain your adoring fans. I think in the long run that makes a LOT more sense.
    (Congratulations on the new gig, btw.)

  4. Well? How’s it going? You can’t get a new job and talk about a new sweater and then just wander off! You provide a valuable service to those of us who are living vicariously through you.

  5. You can always wear a wool sweater in an air-conditioned building!
    That Tangled Yoke is going to look excellent on you. What-what-what is the yarn?

  6. Welcome to the neighborhood! Feel like attending a Lobster Fest that’s happening near your parts in the middle of September? I should give you my phone number!

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