Feltedtweed I love mail!

Thanks for all your lovely and supportive comments re: my new job and move to L.A.  I like L.A…my job, not so much.  I’m giving it a bit of time (30 days) before moving along, but it’s a bit too chaotic for my liking.  Enough of that. Back to the knitting.

I got a fabulous parcel from the UK today.  I ordered some Rowan Felted Tweed in the Wheat colorway to make Tangled Yoke Cardigan!  I love that sweater and the featured wool blend was just too nice to substitute.  I couldn’t find a nice tweed in a cotton blend that would be better or not cost $160.  I love the Felted Tweed and despite living in a warm climate, I spend a great deal of time in overly air conditioned environments.  FYI, I ordered my yarn from Cumberpatch and have always been pleased with their prompt service.

Books1_2And for those of you wondering about the status of the silk sweater, it’s almost done and will hopefully be blogworthy shortly.

The other half of my fabulous mail was some books from Amazon.  I’ve developed a fondness for Scandinavian mysteries after discovering Henning Mankell.  There’s plenty more where he came from and will now need to find the time to enjoy my new books.

Bliss, books and new yarn!


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  1. Here in Germany are scandinavian mystery authors quiet popular for some years. I love them since ever and can also recommand Liza Marklund and Gunnar Staalesen. 🙂

  2. Oh man, I love that kind of mail. I am walking to my stash closet immediately to dig out my own FT. Thanks for the heads up on the books, I love me a good mystery. Sorry about the job…maybe it’ll settle out.

  3. Woohoo, congrats on LA move, i enjoyed my living there for 2 years, I am making Tangled Yoke in Melody colorway and in the picture I swear it looks like you have a Melody too! Can’t wait to see it start!

  4. Love Felted Tweed! And I too have always gotten extremely good service from Cucumberpatch. Also from Jannette at 4to4–great vendors! Now to go look up your cardi!

  5. That Tangled Yoke Cardigan will look great! Love it! And about over-air conditioned places, I know exactly what you mean. My school must have decided to set the thermostat at 55 or something, because we need parkas while it’s 105 outside!

  6. Cumberpatch is great. I got 2 Hanne Falkenberg kits from her for a bargin.
    If you learn to like L.A. let me know how you do it; I still don’t dig it here (better beer in NorCal). But, welcome!

  7. Sorry you don’t like the job. Do you have a try period so you can leave if you don’t like it ? We often have that in France : we can leave, or the boss is allowed to tell you to leave, during a laps of time.
    Get compensations in knitting and reading; maybee it will be easier in some weeks!

  8. Too bad about the job. I hope it works out for you.
    Felted Tweed is a nice yarn, I just don’t care for alpaca. Way too hot, I just can’t work with it anymore. I did see Silky Wool touted by a few as a possible substitute. I’m still thinking about that one and the yardage is pretty close to Felted Tweed too.

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