Hot silk

Newsilk Just in time for a mini heat wave, I’ve completed my top down silk sweater.  LIfe is so like that.  Sorry about the craptastic pictures – camera was not in the mood I guess.

I used a sweater in Debbie Bliss Summer Essentials as a guide.  My yarn was heavier and I wanted to have a bit of ribbing at the bottom so as not to end up with the curly wurlies.

Enter (yet again) Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top and off I went.  I knit up a swatch and used that gauge to wing a pattern based on the book’s instructions.  It’s really a handy book.  Just try on as you go and voila.

Specs:  Hip Knits Aran Weight Silk won as a prize in my sister’s amazing MS Ride; two skeins (100g each)

Pattern based on "Martine" in Debbie Bliss Summer Essentials

Now, despite the heat, I’ll be starting that nice warm Tangled Yoke Cardigan.  Heatwave, wool and alpaca and a nice strong floor fan.  Yeah, that’s normal.


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  1. Sexy silky Sil!
    Yeah, feeling silly this morning. You really are my hero. You did a great job of making that yarn work for you.
    You have a cool drinkie, too, right? Because that knitting is weird without the cool drinkie. Just sayin…

  2. Hey, I love how your popsicle sweater turned out. I love that shininess that only silk yarn has….that’s just the kind of little number you can wear nearly 10 months a year here in Seattle. Did I mention it is raining here, hovering around 63 degrees?

  3. Nice shape on the sweater. I have a few yarns lined up to try in Barbara Walker top-downs. I’ve had the book forever and knit top-down mostly, so I really look forward to working with her. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Beautiful! The fit looks perfect (you’re inspiring me to take real measurements . . .) I’m dying to make the Tangled Yoke cardigan (but as I wouldn’t be able to fit into it for about a year – I’ll be patient).

  5. That looks lovely but I feel I have to point out that if you had 3 skeins in the prize then they weighed 200g each. I cant remember whether both prizes were the big super skeins or if one was the smaller skeins. I think its more likely you use the equivalent of up to 400g rather than 200g. But it still looks beautiful, well done you!

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