Manet1 I met up with a friend the other day and she told me that she’d been to the Getty and saw a Manet picture.  This is not earth shattering news, but it so happens that my most favorite painting in the whole wide world is Manet’s "Bar at the Folies-Bergere".  It normally lives at the Courtauld in London and I’ve never seen it in the flesh, though a fine print of it hangs in my bedroom.

I casually ask my friend which Manet is she speaking of, as the Getty collection is VERY extensive and they have many.  "Oh, it’s a big one of some lady at a bar" was the answer.  Apparently, my favorite picture in the whole world has been on loan to the Getty all damn summer and was leaving the first week of September.  Holy oil paints batman, get thee to the Getty.

Too late for long story short, but I hopped up to the Getty on a Sunday in summer to brave the massive crowds to see my favorite picture.  It was as beautiful as I’d imagined.  More Garden1beautiful really.   I’m happy.

I also saw a wonderful photography exhibit by Weston and an amazing painted menagerie by Oudry.  Dudes, that rhino picture was so massive and beautiful!  Brave the crowds, it’s worth it.  Except you have to get there soon since it’s leaving…

Gettybuildings1 The gardens on the other hand are permanent and really lovely.   My favorites in the garden are the bouganvilla trees supported by iron umbrella looking things.  Totally Dr. Seuss looking, but I’m drawn to them.  I took a few photos of the buildings and the gardens for your Friday pleasure.  Enjoy!

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  1. I was in DC the summer that the Marie Cassat exhibit was at the National Gallery. I went there with someone who loved her work. I had never really experienced “live art.” It’s so much different than “live art” reproduced on posters etc. I was amazed and quite moved. It’s like the difference between the ipod and live music. There’s really no comparison!

  2. I’m happy that you could see it!
    The same thing happenned to me once I was in Edinburgh to visit my best friend : I suddenly realised that they had a Turner exhibition at the art museum. It was fantastic! Almost all the paintings were there! I love Turner!

  3. It’s very nice that you got to see your favorite painting “in the flesh”. Having lived most of my life in Puerto Rico and then in Eugene, OR I never had the chance to see the great masterpieces. Then I came to NYC. The first time I went to MOMA my friend was taking me to all the modern stuff that I don’t really understand. All of a sudden I screamed at her “Do they have any Picasso’s?” and I ran and ran until I got to them. Later that day I got to see some Monets. I just sat there and cried I was so happy.
    Now, eleven years later, NY is still fresh and wonderful to me and every time someone pushes me in the subway I think that this is the price I pay for all the beautiful things in this crazy city.

  4. That’s one of my favorite paintings, too . . . I remember seeing it when the Courtauld collection was being shown at the Kimball in Ft. Worth, and it just completely took my breath away. So glad you got to see it in person! It makes such a difference over seeing a print in a book, no?

  5. Manet is my favorite painter. I was lucky to see Folies Bergere in London. I’ve only been to LA once and spent a full day at the Getty. What an amazing place. If I lived nearby I would be be there constantly. Lucky you. 🙂

  6. That is a great painting.
    Did you get to hear Tim Hawkinson’s funky organ in the lobby? I’ve been there twice and we didn’t get to hear it either time!

  7. Yay!
    The first time that I went to MoMA (only about two years ago, but whatever), I walked through the galleries thinking “I’ve seen that picture in a book, and that picture, and that one… It was darn cool.

  8. Great space for art. Seeing something in real person is so much better. I went to Florence to see the Venus de Canova. I had to be lassoed and dragged out of the room.

  9. I don’t know if I have a favorite painting, but I do have a favorite museum — La Musee de L’Orangerie in Paris. It’s the museum Monet desgined to exhibit his water lily paintings.
    They don’t look like much in a book, but in person, displayed in those two rooms with the natural light filtering in, they’re breathtaking. Heavenly. MoMA has one of the water lily paintings too:

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