Body double

Body1 A long weekend here in the US has made for rapid progress on the Tangled Yoke sweater.

The body of the cardie is done up to the armpits.  Yummy word, that.  It makes for a pretty dull picture as it’s a big wodge of stockinette.

I did start the first sleeve last night, but the cuff was coming out huge.  I was using the same needle size as the body.  The only difference is that the body is knit flat and the sleeve is in the round.  I went down to a size 2 needle on the sleeve and it still looks a little big, but I don’t want to knit up some kevlar like fabric.  If it looks crappy with a few more inches done I’ll rip and use a 1.  I won’t be happy, but I’ll do it.

I can’t wait to get to the fun yoke part and knitting up sleeves on size 2 needles means that I’ll be looking forward to it that much longer.  I need more long weekends.


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  1. Intermediate novice that I am, I looked forward to the yoke and have of late been running/avoiding in fear. I may be too attention deficit to have anything but a “broken” tangled yoke.
    May your arms pass quickly! (That makes me laugh a little bit)

  2. Whoa, you’ve rocked on this one. I was all gung ho to start one, and then checked out the gauge. Then I took a step backward. But you’ve cooked right along….can’t wait to see the yoke bit!

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