Sleeving on a jetplane

Sleeve In an effort to make sleeve progress more interesting I took several crappy photos and make a collage for you.

See how much more fun that is?  As you can see, the sleeve of the Tangled Yoke is progressing nicely.  It’s much like knitting a sock at this point.  Stockinette and lots of it.  That’s ok.  Mindless is good sometimes.

If I had more braincells to rub together, I’d have made the wrist smaller and refigured the increases.  The sleeve fits fine now, but the wrist is a bit large for my delicate arm bones.  Oh well, I’m sure I’ll wear a shirt under this wool, so it’ll be fine.

In new pattern news that has my eye wandering, I added Tree Jacket and Juliet to my Ravelry pattern queue.  Both patterns are from Zephyr Style so you know they’re good and not too demanding for the few braincells firing through the allergy haze.


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  1. Yes your right crappy photos in a collage are much better πŸ™‚ Your zooming by me, I just cast on for the sleeves last night.
    I have Juliet in my queue also. Good thing we are on opposite ends of the coast – we are starting to turn into the bobsy twins πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been dabbling at the Rogue sleeves, not worrying too much about perfection because DD tugs and stretches the things out within a few days anyway. I bet I could make them an inch or more different and she’d never notice! Hey, that would distract the Knitting Goddess and keep her off Claudia’s back, right?

  3. I wasn’t too sure about Juliet, but now that I’ve seen another person make it, who isn’t rail thin, I’m rethinking it. I’ve got some Cotton-Ease that needs to be knit. I’m hoping to cast on this weekend, fun, fun. Tree Jacket, I just don’t know if I can behind that one, but I’m not always enamored of every single thing they put out, but do like the majority of them.

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