Casual Sleeve Day

Pix_004 Oh so casually drape the completed sleeves of Tangled Yoke upon the side table and lazily put my feet up.

That’s not what I did in actuality.  I did finish the second sleeve last night during The Colbert Report (oh how I love my Jon and Stephen) and slept soundly in my beddy bye.  So I guess my feet were up – as was the rest of my sorry self.

Today’s fun will include attaching these sleeves to the body.  I can hardly wait for this glory moment.  By the way, I used size 2 double points to knit these sleeves in the round and size 3’s for flat knitting the body.  The gauges are the same.  Almost exact really.  I guess this is proof that my purl rows are TIGHT and my knit rows are loosey goosey.

Who cares, it’s joining up to be a real potential sweater today!  Yeah!

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  1. Oh, I love that moment when you join it all up and start the yoke. I feel like I’m practicallly done.Then it dawns on me just how much knitting is left to do. šŸ™‚

  2. You were *so fast* knitting those sleeves, lady! I’ve just cast on for this project, I have no idea how you’ve done it so quickly. Those rows are Looooooooooong.

  3. I’m the oposite on gauge — my knit is much tighter than my purl, though neither is actually ‘tight’ in the range of norms. I solve this by knitting back backwards on the flat knit parts.
    Your mods will be interesting to see at completion.

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