Underarms In honor of OJ being arrested for something or other (I can’t be arsed to tune into these things at the gym t.v.s) I’m going to compare today’s shot of Tangled Yoke to the Versace dress Miss Elizabeth Hurley wore around the same time of the OJ mess.  You know the dress I mean, safety pins holding it together, but in a good way.  That dress launched her career.  Who knew who that bitch was before that dress?  No one.

That tangled segue leads to these fine shots of TY lounging on the floor and a closeup of a gaping armhole seam waiting to be grafted lovingly and expertly.  Well lovingly anyhow.  Notice the giant Versace-esque safety pins

I also attempted the setup row of the chart cause I’M THERE!  Very exciting.  I did, however, mess up the counting of the repeats and will have to rip back and redo that row.  I knew I was way too tired but was too excited not to give it a try.  I shall rip and redo.  Promise.


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