Lazy slacker is me

Yokeybeginnings My sister called me (politely of course) a lazy sod for not posting anything.  She’s right.  Also, I worked out with a friend and her trainer the other day for 60 scant minutes and today I’ve got a hitch in my giddyup something fierce.  Now I workout regularly, but clearly I’m much too soft on myself.  OK, new hardline approach.

At left please enjoy the view of the first 9 rows of the Tangled Yoke yoke.  That yoke chart is giving me fits because I don’t pay close enough attention and end up having to rip back.  Several times.  Don’t get me wrong, the chart is correct and cables aren’t difficult, I’m just a  dingdong.

In addition to madly knitting upon my yoke, I’ve been making pizza.  FigpizzaNot just any old pepperoni thing, but my favorite fig, gorgonzola, carmelized onion and heirloom tomato pizza.  The ingredients are all from Trader Joe’s.  Let me state right here, I would starve to death without TJ’s.  How did I eat before them?  The premade pizza dough is in the fridge section and the rest of ingredients are close by.  The recipe I use is here.  I love it so much I made it TWO days in a row.  I never do that.  It’s delicous and beautiful and easy.  A perfect meal.  Enjoy kids!


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  1. Both your sweater and the pizza look yummy. I frogged my sweater because the cable part was looking too tight and wrinkly. I did that right before going on vacation (no knitting on vacay as I went to Puerto Rico where the temps were over 90 every day with 80 to 90 percent humidity! and my mom and sister hate airconditioning arrrrrgh!!) Now, even though I still want the cardi, I seem to have misplaced my knitting mojo. Did you do anything to keep the cabling nice and smooth?

  2. Oh how I miss TJ’s – I’m to far out in yee-haw land now and they are sadly missed.
    Your tangled yoke is looking good! I’m still on the sleeves, but I have been very unfaithful lately. Honestly I have not touched her in days.
    That pizza looks delicious.

  3. The tangled yoke patterning is looking great!!
    Are those green zebra tomatoes? That pizza looks wonderful. Wow.
    I should give Trader Joes another try. I tend to just stock up on snacks there. I did not know they carry things such as figs!
    I once had roasted figs stuffed with mint as a side dish with lamb chops at Gordon Biersch. Oh my!

  4. While I think the pattern is both correct and beautiful, I believe there to be a hex on the yoke. I had the same issues you did with the pattern, only I’m not quick enough or skilled enough to realize I’ve made them until the very end. Then definitely not patient enough to quit and frog only one row. I’ve got 9 to frog and redo. Yours looks good.

  5. my mind cannot even comprehend the words “figs” and “pizza” in the same sentence. you’ll have to make me that in december so i can figure out what the hell you’re talking about.

  6. That pizza sounds delicious! There’s a Trader Joe’s less than a mile from here! Hmm….. 🙂
    I’m so excited to see sweater progress. I’m still stuck in garter rib hell, on mine.

  7. Thanks for posting the close-up of the Tangled Yoke. The color is beautiful. A friend of mine is knitting this and she got messed up on the yoke a few times too.

  8. Tell her it’s going to rain down there, and you’re too busy getting supplies and making ready for the upcoming weather emergency to knit or post. Storm Watch ’07!

  9. I have neither blog nor sister. Totally takes the pressure off.
    I must go back and find which yarn you’re using there for Tangled Yoke. I like. Very much.

  10. I know what you mean about dingdong attention spans. *sigh* Still have to rip out my Leaflace (two+ rows).
    TJ is great. They help the busy and those of us who don’t have the energy to plan ahead.

  11. Nice cables!
    I’m going to make that pizza : We have plenty of figs in the trees, here, and I love them. It’s true they’re great with goat cheese, but also with ham, and many salted goods!

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