Well and truly collared

Collarmontage I know an important part of the creative process is to be able to rip out and toss away what you’ve done if it’s not up to par.  Understanding and doing are very different things.

I knit this simple garter rib neckband three times in an attempt to get it looking right.  You knit twice the length you want and then turn it inside, pick up the inside stitches, knit them together and cast off.  Nice and neat.  Except…

First, I knit a turning ridge since it seemed like it needed a harder edge to make a nice crease.  Too bad it looked like ass.  I ripped that out.

Second, I followed the instructions as written (gasp) and picked up the inside stitches then three needle bound off.  It got all twisted and biased and looked like ass.  Buh bye.

Third, I picked up the stitches as I went to make sure they were aligned with the live stitches and that worked great.  It did take about 1.5 hours to do this last method.  Luckily I was able to watch my 49ers get beaten at the same time.  Oh the torment.  At least the collar looks good, though it’s begging for a blocking.


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  1. Oh Sil!
    While impressed with your determination, I am taking this post as a personal warning of things yet to come. I appreciate at least knowing it ahead of time.
    And I was just about to bring mine out of time out to frog the yoke and give it another go.
    I will at least, by the time it’s said and done, master the art of picking up those frogged stitches (or perhaps throwing $100 worth of beautiful Jaeger Aran Tweed to the moths!)

  2. Another cable yoke frogger here. Actually, I frogged almost the whole cardi because I had made the ribbing way too long. The first time the knitting went really fast and now it’s much, much slower, but the love is back.
    Congratulations on finishing your sweater, Sylvia. Your determination is inspiring, but I will probably have to cheat on the collar band. I wish you some cool weather so you can wear your Tangled Yoke.

  3. Yes, we got beat, but like you, we persevered! Alex is beginning to look like a quarterback, and your third neckband was worth the wait. (Or as the 49ers might say, “the weights.”)

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