A tilting whirl

Tilted2 There has been a heap ‘o tilting around here lately.  This Tilted Duster is not hard and perhaps my next project should be a tad more challenging (like something along the lines of what my sister is starting), but for now we’ll think of this project as comfort food.  Easy, satisfying and filling the knitting need.

As you can see from the photos, this really does go quickly.  Tiltedpiano The size 8 needles and worsted weight Lamb’s Pride make for progress in the fast lane.  You knit the skirt piece in one piece with the ever growing stockinette sections to break up the 2×2 monotony.

I’m still going to see if a small 2×2 ribbed border will work to prevent the bottom from curling.  I want to banish curling but don’t want to have to ruin the look and line of the skirt.  We shall see soon at this rate…