Princess Scary Spice

Burda_princess This year my favorite fake niece is wanting to be a Ghost Princess for Halloween.  She’s 8 and it seems that the pretty little princess thing starts to turn to scary little princess thing.  Okay, I can play that game.

This is my Ghost Princess plan.  Make a non-poufy princess dress in white satin and organza and add pieces of torn tattered chiffon.  I’m going to use this Burda 2463 as the starting point and add the tatters as needed.  Couple the tattered dress with white face makeup, black roses and black kohl liner, and I think we can make Miss Zoe the prettiest scary ghost princess in Southern California (certain clubs in WeeHo excepted – natch).

Halloween on!


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  1. It must be the age. When Abigail was that age she was a “glamorous witch,” which is along the same lines as ghost princess. She took first prize at the local costume contest that year, too. 🙂

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