I am not turning Japanese

Jacobsweater Because I’ve ripped out the previous three (!) cast off iterations, I’ve got nothing knitwise to show.  Cast offs I’ve tried are basic bindoff, decrease bind off and sewn bind off. (All in my favorite Montse Stanley Knitter’s Handbook.)  I hated them all based on their ugliness.  I’m now adding a bit of 2×2 ribbing and will do the tubular bind off.  I like that one most times (even though it’s a huge pain in the ass) and hope that the added ribbing and a crazy amount of steam will work.  If it doesn’t, I’ll put this sweater in a Safeway bag and bury it in the yard.

So long story short, this Tilted Duster will not be done in time for Rhinebeck.  What’s that you ask?  I’m going to Rhinebeck, despite being an unemployed person?  Why yes!  I’ve got time and free flights – a perfect storm of yarny goodness.  Yarn buying will be kept to a minimum, but considering what I’ve got in stash at present, that is a good thing.

What will California girl be wearing at the festival, how about this lovely sweater completed years ago from some sister spun Jacob fleece?  It’s old and comfy and the pattern is from some old Rebecca pattern.  That’ll do nicely in the place of the Tilted Duster.Daisohaul

I’ve "had" to go to Daiso twice in the past few days to get some stuff.  Daiso is a Japanese store with everything.  Literally everything and it’s pretty much all $1.50.  Rather like the 100 yen stores in Japan (which I also adore).  Doesn’t that look like a pile of necessities?  I thought so.  I’ll be sporting my new red gingham eye shade (pictured upper left corner) on the flight so don’t wake me.  Next stop Rhinebeck!


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  1. Where is this Daiso? I have an obsession for Japanese dollar stores that border on, well, obsession.
    Have a great time at Rheinbeck. Some day I will go to a big girl yarn festival. Someday!

  2. Yeah, I caught the unemployed too. You are an woman of action. It will be great to see you. I think that the sweater will be spottable at a distance. I do love the variations of Jacob.

  3. Have a wonderful time at Rhinebeck!
    You’re evil. You know that, right? I have this sudden need to go on a car trip, so I can visit a Daiso. All your fault! :p

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