Does this count?

Smallhaul I wasn’t going to buy much of anything at Rhinebeck and as you can see from my meager haul, I think I was successful.

As I was given to understand that "sock yarn doesn’t count", I bought sock yarn.

From left to right you see purple Spirit Trail Fiberworks, green also Spirit Trail, black and pink is colorway Angela (it should be Good n Plenty though) from Gypsy Girl Creations and the sky blue is Maple Creek Farm wool/bamboo/nylon blend.

I’m going to play with the bamboo yarn first and make Monkeys as I think I’m the only sock knitter in the world that hasn’t made a pair.  I’ve got that long cross-country flight to look forward to this afternoon, so I’m going to Monkey across the lower 48.  See you on the left coast kids!


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