All socks all the time

Everywhere I’ve been lately has been unseasonably warm.  Rhinebeck was much too warm to even contemplate wearing a gorgeous handknit sweater.  I arrived in San Francisco and it was about 85 degrees there too.  Okay, back to LA yesterday and the awful fires aren’t visible where I am by the beach, but the smoke and ash make the sunny day overcast.  It’s also wicked hot here and opening the windows is not an option.  A small inconvenience, I realize.

Driving down I-5 on Tuesday, I began to see how many resources were being rounded up.  There were dozens of fire engines, CDF and military convoys.  There were also huge AT&T disaster satellite trucks that were massive – so massive they were going over the grapevine Plainvanillaat about 5 mph.  There were about 7 of those.  There were also power company convoys and insurance company vehicles.  The most poignant was the small convoy of Noah’s Wish  volunteers who shelter and reuinte pets at disasters all over the US and Canada.  I made a small donation because I like what they do.

Okay, back to some knitting.  It’s much too hot to even take Tilted Duster out of the bag in which it’s shoved.  I finished my plain vanilla socks at Rhinebeck, even though it was too hot to need them.  They’re the usual 60 stitch sock with picot hem and short row heel that’s my favorite to wear.  The lovely yarn I used is from Twisted and I’ve got no clue as to the colorway.

Bluemonkeys Then I began some Monkeys!  Yes, one more monkey virgin bites the dust.  I can see why they’re popular.  It’s an easy pattern to remember and the resulting fabric is very attractive.  I am making them with a picot hem and short row heel (big freaking surprise there), so they’re kind of a mutated monkey.  The sock yarn is the lovely wool/bamboo/nylon blend I bought a Rhinebeck from Maple Creek Farm (no website listed).  It’s very soft and yummy, so I’m glad I forced a certain sister of mine to get some too.  Hehehehe…


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  1. Good to know you’re in a safe corner of LA, Sil. I’m so glad that companies are better at responding to this kind of thing. I just wish there wasn’t a need. /sigh
    Great socks!
    Can someone actually force Claudia to do something against her will? o.0

  2. Sometimes socks are just the right thing to work on, especially in unseasonable weather. The socks look beautiful. I’ve started my second pair of Monkeys and they are so nice. My first time knitting with STR.

  3. Hmmmm, a monkey virgin? Well, one more does exist! I haven’t headed that way yet, but soon, I’m sure!
    just wanted to stop by and let you know about the second year of the Soaring Eagles Project. I’m not sure if you are up for it, but you might tell others if you can. We still have over 400 hats left over from last year, so we are doing the hats from last year, and then adding mittens or slippers/socks to go with them. Stop by for the details!

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