Halloween This year, Fake Niece Zoe wanted to be a Ghost Princess for Halloween.  The annual costume making extravaganza is underway.

No probs there chica!  Fire up the Bernina and off we go.

I used Burda 2463 and used white crepe backed satin, white organza studded with tiny crystals and white chiffon over top for the ghostly tattered layer.  I let Zoe tatter her own costume, which she enjoyed greatly in the upper left photo.

All in all the costume turned out extremely well and she looks lovely in it.  I am biased, but you gotta admit it’s a good costume.

Happy Halloween!


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  1. It’s so totally the best of both worlds. A flowing spin in the circle princess costume accompanied by the spooky ghost aspect. Excellent thinking that not-niece has- and beautiful costume as well.

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