Lil blue sock

Bluesockcollage I’ve totally lost interest in working on Tilted Duster.  It’s still sitting in it’s banish bag and I just don’t want to pick it up right now.  I don’t have to, so I won’t.  Plus I’m a bit sick and the thought of concentrating on Tilted Duster (or anything really) just won’t happen until this head/sinus pain is gone.  Instead I’ve finished my first Monkey sock from the bamboo/wool I got at Rhinebeck.

For those interested in these bamboo/wool/nylon blends that seem to be cropping up everywhere these days, my vote is an enthusiastic thumbs up.  The yarn is smooth and soft and the patterns show up pleasingly well.  The elasticity of bamboo/wool is certainly less than all wool, but that can be compensated for with a ribbed type pattern.  Monkeys were a fortuitious choice on my part.  I hope they wear well since they’re rather cute.

Purplespirit One down, one to go.  My next sock endeavor will be this purple Spirit Trail Fiberworks hank that will be a gift for a friend.  My friend admired my Monkeys, but I don’t really want to make another pair right away.  That’s not me.  I’m leaning toward Jane’s Hedgerow Socks, a nice textured leg pattern to highlight the pretty subtle color changes of this yarn.  Any other ideas?