Monkey Time

Monkeytime Eeeeeh eeeeeh!

Yes, it’s Monkey Time here at the house.  The Monkey socks are done and have even been worn.

I now know why this is such a popular pattern.  It’s easy, but looks hard and you can memorize it even when you’re sleep deprived and on an airplane.

The version I made is using a superwash wool/bamboo/nylon blend from Maple Creek Farm.  I bought a hank of it at Rhinebeck (347 yards) with plenty left over.  I used a picot edge hem and short row heels and toes.  I also decreased four stitches on the foot after turning the heel so they would fit on the snug side.

I enjoyed using this wool blend.  It’s soft and not too splitty.  A bit of dye did come off on my hands and needles, but it wasn’t as bad as some.  Not enough to deter me from buying some more and using it again.  I did wear the socks around a bit and they do stretch.  This may be a function of the lacy pattern and bamboo, but I expect them to shape up in the wash.  If they don’t, you’ll hear about it here!

Next up is the Spirit Trail Fiberworks sock yarn.  It’s so pretty and the texture and sproinginess remind me very much of Koigu.  I’m seeking a good pattern to highlight the yummy colors, and have already rejected the Hedgerow pattern since the texture stitch was all but lost in the slight variegated yarn color and the texture of the fabric I was getting.  I shall save that pattern for a nice solid yarn.  How does this Tesellating Lace pattern by Kat Haines look?  Pretty huh?

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  1. Those Monkeys look awesome! I’ll probably copy-cat you and use my bamboo/wool sock yarn for Monkeys too.
    Cute sock pattern! I like the v’s at the toe.

  2. I think I’m the only living knitter not to have made Monkeys now that you have made yours, and I guess it’s about time I did, since I’m almost done with my current socks. Yours are very nice! I do like the looks of that tessellating pattern, too.

  3. I still haven’t knit the monkey- I will no doubt “rediscover” them in 10 years and think “what a great pattern, I wonder why I haven’t knit it?”

  4. Pretty monkeys! And I like the Tessellating sock pattern, too. Plus, you’d get to throw around the word “tessellating” in everyday conversation.

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