Tessellation time

Tessellated Yes I still knit.  Why you gotta be like that?!?!

Tessellated Sock has been successfully unfolding on the bamboo 0s.  I’d wanted to use the purple Spirit Trail Fiberworks sock yarn that I’d got from Rhinebeck and make some gift socks. At first I’d hoped to use the very pretty Hedgerow sock pattern, but the color changes and the sproingy structure of this sock yarn didn’t showcase the subtle prettiness of the Hedgerow patterning.

I trolled through Ravelry and came across the Tessellated Sock pattern.  I cast on for the medium size and promptly began knitting up some shockingly large socks.  Much too large for the intended recipient.  I opted to keep the medium number of ribbing stitches and decreased down to the smallest number of stitches for the "body" of the sock.  That’s been working like a charm.

As you can see from the picture, I’ve turned the heel with a shortrow heel and am charging toward the finish of sockie #1.

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