Saucy socks

Tess1 I merrily completed sock #1 of Tessellated sock the other day.  Are you wondering if this is sock #1 of which I speak and wondering when I say "completed" I am blantently lying?

I completed the toe of this lovely sockie and then NOTICED that I’d dropped a stitch on one side of the short rowing.  I’d not NOTICED before in my zeal to complete the toe.  Holy crap and a half!

I ripped out the toe and here we are.  Dejected and toe exposed.  They are cute though, aren’t they?  I can say that since they’ll be gifted, and one doesn’t gift crap.

Onto food.  I was also hankering for some pasta with pomodoro sauce yesterday and between football games the PBS cooking show taught me to make some yummy, easy marinara sauce (it’s vegetarian).  After watching the anal cooking professionals, I felt well equipped to make the sauce.  It’s easy and yummy and doesn’t make some crazy amount you’ll have to freeze for yonks.  Here’s the recipe if you’re hungry now too Download marinara_sauce.pdf (this is a freely available recipe on their website and you can go sign up and see what else they’ve got).

Toe on!

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  1. I dropped a stitch making a picot edge the other day, didn’t notice for awhile and it made a big pain in my ass.
    That yarn looks great in that pattern…just variegated enough, but not too much.

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