Not just socks anymore!

Dropsjacket There’s more going on here at Chez Sil than socks and stretchy eatin’ dresses.

After stalling on the Tilted Duster due to lack of interest in ever wearing it, I went to the stash and came up with a bunch of Schoeller Stahl Wonderwool Tweed.  It’s a nice chunky gauge and is 51% wool / 43% acrylic / 6% rayon, so it’s a nice blend that won’t be too freaking hot in my climate.

Now what to make with it?  I’ve been hankering after a free pattern from Drops that I’ve come across beautifully knit up on some blogs around the webs. The pattern is called Drops Jacket 103-1 and is a double breasted A-line sweater with double moss at the front.  So cute.

I’ve added the double moss at the hem to prevent the dreaded curly wurley hem. I’ve started the left front to see how the fabric I’m getting is feeling and draping.  I like what I’ve got and have had to rip a few times to get the gauge I’m getting working with the size I’m aiming for.  The pattern is written for 11 st/4" AND 17 st/4" and my gauge is 15 st/4". Math and calculators were needed.  It’s a fairly simple shape, so don’t be too impressed by my math wizardry.

It’s going quickly on size 10s and I’m liking it.  Tilted who?


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  1. I really love my Drops jacket. On the weekend, a few knitter friends of various sizes and shapes tried it on. It flatters a lot of figures. I cannot wait to see yours! Your colour choice will really pop with your hair!

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