Thanks for tessallating!

Tessellateddone Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Tessellated Socks emerge from their almost finished state and transform into a FO!

These guys were almost done about a week ago and I managed to finish them up in an embarrassingly short amount of time with a smidge of dvd time.  They’re a gorgeous color that I hope y’all can see in my craptastic picture.

To recap:  pattern is Tessellated Socks (found through Ravelry) which is a free pattern by Kat Haines; the yarn is Spirit Trail Fiberworks superwash sock yarn from Rhinebeck 2007.  My gauge was a bit bigger than in the pattern, but I made the smallest size to produce medium socks.  No math needed.  The usual short row heel and toe and voila!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating and see you at the gym tomorrow…

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