Still stuffed

Dropsfront I’ve been eating leftover Thanksgiving stuffing for days and this new diet has curiously sparked a carb-loaded knitting spurt.  I’ve finished the fronts of Drops 103-1 cardigan and have just started the back.

I must say this is one easy pattern and knitting up quickly with chunky yarn and size 10-ish needles.  I may need to hunt down my friend’s the recipe for the stuffing to finish this sweater up.  I’m down to my last serving of leftovers (including pie – horrors) and need to get busy with a back, two sleeves and small collar.  I’ll know I’ll need chestnuts, bacon and figs.  Mmm, bacon…

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  1. Yeah, we just finished the leftovers last night and threw out a little bit too. But it wasn’t fueling anything except the microbial load in the refrigerator.

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