Winter cuteness

Phildarwinter In lieu of showing my boring knitting of the back of Drops 103-1 cardie, I’ll share some cute patterns I’ve come across.

Phildar’s Winter 2007/08 catalog is out with an English version.  There are some very cute styles in there.  I’ve pulled out my favorites of the moment.

I adore the beige cardie top left for it’s cute sleeve and rib detail.  This is a sweater I’d actually wear.

The top right grey one looks so comfy.  I’d wear that one too, but never have the patience to knit it.  That’s one to buy.

The bottom left style is all over the internet.  Just about everyone has a pattern for this and I saw one just it at Macy’s all knit up for tons less than the yarn would cost.  Again, buy at retail – don’t knit, but cute.

The bottom right is also one I’d make and wear constantly!  It’s a great style to toss over a tee and call it dressed.  Plus those puffed sleeves at the wrists are madly cute.

I love the Phildar magazines!  I buy mine at Knit n’ Tyme in case you’re wondering.  Love them.  The shipping is the killer on them though as they come from our Canadian friends.  I found that if you buy two magazines in one order the shipping is about the same for one magazine ($14 for 2 or $12 for 1), so I’ll maybe I’ll have to get the Autumn catalog too.

Now back to the Drops.

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  1. You know, more and more, I really like that top-left cardigan. And I’m wondering–depending on how much is needed and what the gauge is, I have a box of Karabella Aurora 8 in denim blue which would look just fabulous…. Hmmm!

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