Baby got some back

Back I semi-regularly browbeat my friend Carolyn to send me mix CDs since she knows what’s good and has good taste.  Without her, my iPod would have about 12 cds on it.  One day she introduced me to a remake of "Baby Got Back" by Jonathan CoultonRemember the originalYeah, kind of different – yet exactly the same!  I play this song over and over when I want to pluck myself out of a funk.  I laugh so damn hard every time.

What’s that got to do with my knitting?  Nothing.  It’s just that showing you a picture of a partially completed back piece of Drops 103-1 is boring, so I thought I’d spice it up.  Plus I sing the "Baby got Back" chorus to myself when knitting away and giggling, so I thought I’d share.

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  1. That JC song is the best. It is the official On-The-Road-To-Rhinebeck song and has been for years. If you get a chance, download RE: Your Brains also by JC. Funniest damn thing ever.

  2. Hubby is a big fan of JC. He’s also got a love song about his laptop – and geek that I am, when I heard him singing about how he forgives his laptop for having keyboard smudges on the screen, I knew he had to have a MacBook.

  3. On one of the knitting podcasts I listen to, they played JC’s version and while very different from the original, it is quite good. I do like his voice and this cover completely cracks me up!

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