Is it a sleeve yet?

Sleevetest_2 I am at present knitting Drops 103-1 cardigan.  I know.  Me and a jillion others, but I like it and it’s cute and I’m using stash yarn.  Oh yeah, the pattern’s free.  I love the Drops.  Check out their cute little Knitting Pattern Advent Calendar!  Cute right?  Between the Scandinavian knitting pattern, Ikea and my present read by Kerstin Ekman, I’m all California Nordic, dude.  Hey it’s Mavericks time here, so there’s lots of surfing on the local news.

Because I substituted stash yarn for the yarns called for in the pattern, I’ve had to rejigger the math to get it to work for me.  The hardest part of rejiggering is the row gauge instructions (ex: knit 30 rows and bind off).  The sleeve cap I knit up the first time was much too shallow to work.  I had to rip and refigure quite a bit and have come up with the sleeve in the picture.  I walked the sleeve in the armhole and it seemed to be the right size, but I wanted to make sure.  I sewed up one shoulder seam and pinned the sleeve in place.  It fits – for sure!  Yippee.

I’ve started the second sleeve but can’t sew in the first one because I didn’t take notes and have to follow the first sleeve.  I see the error of my "I’m sure I’ll remember" ways now that I have no recall of the knitting of the sleeve.  I’m in the home stretch here people!  VERY exciting.


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