Happy hat time

NewhatDespite being in the process of sewing up the Drops 103-1 sweater, I thought I’d start a new little project.  Just ’cause.  Well, maybe because I have a cold head in the a.m.  I know cold is relative, but 40 degrees is cold and my wee head takes a chill.  I also need gloves, but I don’t know how to make those.

I do have a very nice hat I made from a skein of Manos and Chicknits Shaker Rib hat pattern (free and fabulous – fyi), but I’ve got scads of Lamb’s Pride Worsted sitting around from the now permanently stalled Tilted Duster, and thought I needed a jauntly little red chapeau.  Immediately.

I wanted to try the top down hat recipe in Knitting From the Top.  It’s easy, cast on 8 sts on DPs and increase 8 sts every other row until you have enough to cover your cabeza.  That’s the photo you see above.  A head sized circle.  I think.  I’ve not made too many hats in my day, so we shall see.

I hope to have Drops 103-1 finished when next you see me!  Fingers crossed for a smooth collar addition.


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