Blue no more

Dropsdone1 Bust open the French hard cider!  I’ve finished my Drops 103-1 cardie!  Yippee!

This is the same cardie that you’ve probably seen all over the web.  I can tell you from my own experience, it’s popular because it’s easy, cute and very wearable.

I used yarn from the stash, but it was a different gauge than the pattern.  I did a little math and it worked out.  I had to rip the sleeve caps a couple of times, but they did eventually work.   

Mods:  I decided to make the hem about 2" deep and used only double moss stitch.  The pattern calls for a small bit of double moss, but when I knit it that way it flipped outward and was untameable.  My thought was carrying the double moss from CF and sleeve down to the hem in a more signifcant way would work.  Please note: I didn’t make the sweater longer, I just made the hem deeper.

I also made the sleeves long rather than 3/4.  No real reason why, so I must have been cold when making that decision.  I like the way they turned out so, it was a happy chill.

The buttons are from Joann.  I was hoping to use some buttons from the extensive button stash, but that plan never seems to work out.  I thought these looked a bit vintage, but in a perfect world they would be a smidge lighter and blend in more.  Oh well.

Dropsdetail1All in all, a successful project and a good use of stash yarn.  I do still have a surprising amount of yarn left over, I guess I’d planned to make a much longer sweater when I bought this yarn.

Specs:  pattern – Drops 103-1; yarn Schoeller + Stahl Wonderwool Tweed in color 1627; mods – made the hem 2" long but kept the body length as written, made the sleeves long not 3/4.


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  1. Comme on dit au Québec, t’es cute 🙂
    I didn’t notice if you’ve got the same slim shoulders as Claudia…I really love that cardigan but I’m worried about making myself look like a linebacker, what with my rather substantial shoulders and the boobage.
    Why didn’t someone get the memo that people under five feet tall should not have weightlifter’s shoulders… 😉
    The colour looks absolutely fantastic on you, and the sleeve mod is perfect. That was the other reason I was thinking I wouldn’t do this cardigan but duh. You can modify things when you knit them. Go, you!

  2. Very nice job on the jacket. I like the mods you made to it, especially on the hem.
    It’s got a nice “swing” shape to it (which happens to be en vogue, apparently!)

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