Capped off

Cap1 Colder weather around these parts has rekindled my interest in hats.  I see that there are a great many permutations of this garment.  I’ve found patterns for beanies, caps, berets, headbands…etc…The head seems to be fertile territory for knitwear.

I began my hat journey with a nice, easy top down cap using the instructions from Barbara Walker’s invaluable Knitting From the Top.  You cast on 8 stitches and increase 8 stitches every other round until your head would be covered by the circle you create.  Take note pinheads and big, head knitters, this is a great approach for any size head.

I added the folded up double rib at the hat bottom.  I’m no fool, I know two layers over the ears are better than one.  I’ve also decided that Lamb’s Pride Worsted is indeed soft enough after washing to wear on my head.  I was a bit worried since it has the dreaded mohair content, but I worried for naught.  I’ve still got tons of this stuff, so up next is the Cassidy’s Cap from the lovely Bonne Marie of Chic Knits acclaim.  So cute.

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  1. Um, there are GREAN LEAVES in your background. I find the need for a hat extremely funny in these circumstances. Again, as I survey the sheet of ice in my yard and shiver.
    I like your top down idea, and have that book.

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