Hat parade

Casscap1 The hat parade contines at Chez Sil.  After initial luck making the top down beanie hat, I came upon Bonne Marie’s lovely Cassidy’s Cap pattern and knew that would be next on my internal to do list.

I’m STILL using the Lamb’s Pride worsted and at this point I’m ripping it straight from the dead Tilted Duster and knitting it up into the Cassidy Cap.  I know, rather low brow, but it works and I’m not interested enough in this yarn to do it right.  It look fine.  Really.

The Cassidy Cap is a fine pattern.  The hat contains two different cable patterns that are easily memorized.  I have a terrible memory and I was able to memorize them after one repeat.  So there.  I will make this one a bit slouchy since that’s what all the kids are doing right now and I’ve got scads and scads of yarn.


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