Let’s be green

Xxsweater You’ve all been very polite and not complained that you were sick of seeing me use that freaking red yarn for every project in the past few weeks.  Very polite indeed.  To reward such wonderful home training, I’m changing it up!

In my stash I’ve got six skeins of Rowanspun DK in the greeniest tweed evah!  I love Rowanspun DK.  I believe it’s discontinued, but how it differs from the equally yummy Rowan Felted Tweed in anything other than yarn composition is beyond these little gray cells of mine.  So to relieve the red ennui, I thought I’d go to the direct complement of red and snatch up the green.

I wanted a hint of cabling as an homage to the tweediness of the yarn.  Somehow to me, tweed says cables.  I swatched and reswatched and cussed my swatches and called them liars.  We’ll gloss over that part.  Imagine a great deal of swatching, measuring and ripping.  Luckily my calculator could take the abuse.  I think I’ve cracked the gauge conundrum and the piece you see in the picture is the right front.  It measures out just fine and I quite like the way the cable stands out in this yarn.  I chose the "Double X Cable" from Barbara Walker’s Charted Knitting Designs.  The fronts will have the cable and the rest of the sweater will be simple stockinette.  It’ll be good and green.  And so not red…


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