Crappy hat pictures!

Beret1 After several attempts to photograph my newly completed Marbou Beret, the photos that didn’t come out blurry have my big old mug front and center.  Sorry for the giant pictures of my face.  Turns out it’s hard to capture a black beret on a dark overcast day.

I like the way this hat came out, though I did futz with the band a bit.  I reknit the band once with smaller needles and less stitches.  No big deal to do that on a top down hat.  I think my hat may be a tad bigger than the pattern, but it fits my head ok, so no harm there.  I don’t know how one is supposed to wear a beret, but this is how this one fits and I like that my head doesn’t look like a bullet as in a regular watchcap.

I’ve steam blocked the beret so far and will wet block and let it dry with a dinner plate stuffed inside just to make it the roundest shape possible.  I’m also toying with the idea of weaving in a row or two of elastic thread to make sure the hat won’t blow off in gusty conditions.  Does anyone know where one can buy black elastic thread online?

Project specs:  pattern – Marabou Beret by Ingrid Nielsen (click the Marabou Beret pattern link in the sidebar); yarn – 2 skeins Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK (254 yards total) in black; no mods.

Back to the green XX Cable Cardigan.

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  1. the hat is super cute. but not as cute as you! 😉 i was swamped and forgot to look for a ticket. i’ll do it tomorrow i swear. (email me and remind me!)

  2. Cute hat. I think you should be able to get black elastic at Joann’s. At Michaels or Acmoore you might find some black elastic in the jewelry making section! Good luck!

  3. Ooh, you are SO a beret person. It looks absolutely fab on you. I keep seeing all these berets everywhere and thinking I should try one, but then I remember that with my current haircut (just-below-the-ears bob), I would look ridiculous.

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