It’s not all about hats

Xxfront Steady progress has been made on the fronts of the Double X cardigan.  I’m making up the pattern myself, so there has been a bit of self editing to correct the crazy calculations I made when first writing up notes based upon those lying swatches.  They lie like rugs.

As you can see, they look OK.  Sure they’re unblocked and laying on concrete, but I can’t show any cable detail using the flash and sunlight has been sparse here in "sunny" California.  Fog, drizzle, rain – that we’ve got.  Sun, not so much.

I love the cables and the shaping that will make this a rather fitted sweater.  If I have to make 2" plackets at center front in order to get this puppy closed of my profoundly average sized rack, say nothing.  Just say it looks "interesting" and we’ll all know where we are.  I’m still pondering the button or zipper issue.  I’m sure a last minute, impromptu decision will be made.  Why pretend I’m deliberate and thoughtful.  Again, not so much.

The back is plain stockinette and is about 1/3 done.  The sleeves will also be more of that super exciting stockinette with ribbed cuffs.  I can’t pretend this is the most interesting knitting project for blogging, but it is one that has a great chance of being worn frequently.  Please bear with me.

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  1. I agree with Carolyn…those cables need bands. I also predict that the green color will look stunning on you and that you’ll wear this shapely sweater alot.

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