Grnslvs After a week of southern hospitality, I’m glad to be back to the welcoming fogginess that is the SF bayarea.  And despite optimal naptime available on the flight home, I opted to knit and watch "The Jane Austen Book Club".  The knitting is much better than the movie (the ending will give you diabetes, but it was free so I got my money’s worth).

Three hours on the plane and one hour in the airport gave me 3/4 of the sleeve.  Not a bad use of time.  I’d originally planned that the sleeves would be plain stockinette since I wasn’t sure about having enough yarn, but I’ve got plenty and went for the cable.  I quite like the pretty cable with the tweedy yarn, so I’m glad I had enough yarn (for once).  I only wish it was done since it’s bloody cold here today!


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  1. That’s an extremely pretty cable. I think that green will look fab on you. Bright, springlike but not garish.
    How do you find the yarn ? I’m not so keen on it. Made my hands ache a bit.

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