Green light

Greenie1 My Double X cardie is progressing.  I finished the first sleeve and thought I should check the fit of it before making another one.  Sound logic there Sherlock!

As you can see from the photo, I sewed in the first sleeve and it fit in just fine.  I did find that Rowanspun DK sucks ass for sewing up.  It breaks as soon as you pull it just a tad too much.  ARGH!

I rummaged around the yarn basket and found some embroidery floss in a neutral kind of greeny color and gave that a try.  The color isn’t a great match, but you can’t see the stitching so what the hell.  The embroidery floss worked just fine for sewing up and the sleeve set in very easily.

The only niggling concern I have is the sleeves are a tad narrow.  I think they’ll fit fine, but too much layering won’t happen in this sweater.  I sure am not ripping the sleeves out at this point just so I can get four layers under it.  If I need four layers to go outside, I’m staying in with a margarita and a down comforter.  A pioneer I’m not.


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  1. Great idea with the embroidery floss! I have some rowanspun 4 ply and plan on making a sweater and have heard that it break ups crazy-like. I will use that little tidbit for sure!

  2. I have just finished my cable sweater but not yet posted. I am now planning to knit another cable cardigan and I love your cable stitch patter of the green one. It is lovely.

  3. I love how it’s knitting up. I agree, no need to rip to layer that much. If you need 4 layers, you’re right, no need to go out at all! And I say that living in Denver.

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